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NRRI was established in 1998 as a registered non-profit making professional body to regulate the practice of reflexology in Ireland as a complementary therapy, through qualified registered members and affiliated schools.
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Bergman Method Facial REFLEXOLOGY (2days) (online)

Bergman Method Facial REFLEXOLOGY (2days)
with Ziggie Bergman

(200 NRRI CPD credits)
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Date: Sat 7th + Sun 8th May 2022
Venue: ZOOM
Time: please ask
Cost: £279

Contact: Ziggie
E-mail: ziggie@zonefacelift.com

MORE INFO and BOOKINGS >>www.zonefacelift.com>>

The most popular Facial Reflexology training in the UK and Ireland this transformative day will enable you to provide a Facial Reflexology treatment to reduce stress and you will learn the unique additional benefits of working over anatomical structures in the head, face, neck and shoulders that can be impacted with conditions such as Migraines, Anxiety, Bells Palsy, Autism, Tourette Syndrome and ADHD.

Designed for qualified reflexologists, this is the only method using the familiar zone theory, allowing you to easily adapt your existing Reflexology expertise and techniques to the face.


Bergman Method is unique working with energy flow, healing visitations as well as stimulating reflexes, it can revolutionise the way you work, and your Reflexology practice.

Open up a new client base
Inspire your existing Reflexology practice
Add unique additional benefits for many conditions including Migraines, Bells Palsy and Bruxism
Increase your income
Helps you stand out in your field
Free support after training with ongoing advice & marketing
Trailer of the course https://youtu.be/0W1udtnoA84

bergman_ziggie_portrait_400Ziggie Bergman is an expert, author, international speaker and teacher in Facial Reflexology since 1997, winner of the AoR award for Excellence and Innovation in Reflexology for creating Bergman Method and 2021 Best Holistic Therapy winner - BBC 2 Janey Loves Awards. Ziggie has taught Reflexology for over 30 years, contributes her Facial Reflexology tips to the press, has a clinic in Knightsbridge, London and studied with Native American Shaman in New Mexico which influences her Reflexology practice and training.

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