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NRRI was established in 1998 as a registered non-profit making professional body to regulate the practice of reflexology in Ireland as a complementary therapy, through qualified registered members and affiliated schools.
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2020-03-21 - NRRI Office announcement - COVID-19

Dear Members & Friends,

Firstly, we would like to officially thank the moderators from 'IMTA' for providing great guideline - the one we have shared with you last week - as they have done truly great job compiling all that is important in one paper. Huge thanks for sharing this, much appreciated...

As we all know the COVID-19 situation is constantly changing and evolving. We are continuing to introduce necessary recommendations to keep you safe.
We have decided to work part-time through this period (there is always something that needs to be done). Unfortunately this may result in a delay to responding to your queries so please be patient. Either way please stay tuned.

We recognise this is a challenging time for everyone and we want to reassure you that we're doing everything we can to maintain our service. This will obviously not be at ‘full sail', but we're here every day. We wish to notify you that we will keep our regular business like sending renewal notes, reminders, receipts, answering emails, etc; and we would like to encourage you to do the same.
Try to keep your routines, duties, and life to a maximum as normal as possible. Let us not get into a slumber of ‘strange days' with all its traps and unproductivity.

Let us use this time to focus on things overdue, to creativity, to spending quality time with loved ones, playing with children more than usually, and finally to focus on time that we can dedicate to ourselves (for a change). So very important, and so very often forgotten... So let us just take a break...

As regard to our membership and to your practise. The NRRI is strongly recommending to temporarily suspending your reflexology business (as per government guideline to keep 2m distance), to re-schedule your appointments. This is only to stop the virus from spreading which, may save your life and those around you, think about it. Don't worry to get rusted, you can still ‘keep your fingers do the walking' on your family/closed ones.

One way or another, the nature of NRRI is no different from other businesses; it depends on regularity and cash flow therefore our usual membership renewals are taking place. You can do it by online Paypal (>>HERE>>) or bank transfer (>>HERE>>) or over the phone if you prefer at 086-8159855.

Our small association counts on your annual fees, and we will be grateful that you contribute as usual, if you can. However, if you are struggling with finances nowadays, please contact us to find an advise and solution.

We truly hope this is just a seasonal mishap and it will end soon. Let us think that this is not a kind of punishment but more as a lesson to be learnt, as a moment to cherish and a moment for a change. This is the time we need to use properly: stay wise, stay vigilant, stay active... Ditch bad habits and adapt new, good ones.

Our final advice to you is to Stay Safe by Staying Isolated (as much as possible) and keeping Social Distancing! Do Not Panic and Stay Active (body and mind) and foremost Stay Positive!

It will all end soon... oh, and wash your hands...

Good wishes to All You Beautiful People!

Tomasz, Anna & Gerald
(NRRI Team)



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