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NRRI was established in 1998 as a registered non-profit making professional body to regulate the practice of reflexology in Ireland as a complementary therapy, through qualified registered members and affiliated schools.
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2020-05-23 - NRRI Office announcement - COVID-19 - REPLY FROM MINISTER OF HEALTH

Dear Members,

Without any prejudice to what other associations are saying here is our view on current situation with COVID-19 lockdown and getting back to work.

The government is doing the best they can to stop spreading of the virus. They have protocols and ‘Road Map' in place to follow in order to stop the disease.

Asking them to speed-up this regulation would be just reckless if you care for your own health and the others.

We believe that all these measures just need to be put in place so we can retrieve our lives back.
We are aware that most of you want to go back to practise as soon as possible, but is it wise to do so under threat of the virus?? Wouldn't it be better to wait over few more weeks and be not threatened by ‘second wave'? If we are all together in this, let's trust the authorities and give it more time to finally get rid of the pandemic...

Following the above here is an extract of the reply we received from the Ministry of Health to our formal enquiry (in "quote marks"):

We don't want to put at risk anyone, do we? and we don't want to be locked down again in a few month time again, do we?... so let think about safety measures first:

"The lifting of measures carries uncertainty and risk, and the easing of social distancing restrictions must be accompanied by a high level of adherence to the fundamental individual and collective behaviours needed to guard against transmission of the virus, and to avoid the need to re-impose restriction measures. Social distancing is one very important element to slow the spread of COVID-19.
Compliance by individuals and sectors with the public health advice on minimising contact between potentially infected individuals and healthy individuals by maintaining regular hand washing and good respiratory hygiene, and keeping 2 metres distance from people, is essential for the safe return of day to day life in your sector and for the whole of society."

Reflexology is a 'full contact' therapy and you have to acknowledge that. Reflexologist is simply not capable of keeping the social distancing and limiting touch! Hence in order to keep yourself and your clients safe it is not safe to pracitse right now...

As much as we think about our (reflexology) services being essential, in the 'government dictionary' WE ARE NOT...and as much as we wish to be included, there's a long way ahead to achieve this status which we shall undertake when conditions return to normal. Here is the extract from the government's reply:

"The list of essential services under paragraph 15 (b) of Schedule 2 in -S.I. No. 121/2020 - Health Act 1947 (Section 31A -Temporary Restrictions) (Covid-19) Regulations 2020. Paragraph 15(b) of Schedule 2 provides that certain health and social care professions are essential services.
The text concerned is as follows:
'therapy services provided by a member of a designated profession within the meaning of section 3 of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 (No. 27 of 2005)'.
Section 3 defines a designated profession as a health or social care profession that is designated at section 4(1). Section 4(1)(g)

A reflexologist is therefore not a designated profession within the meaning of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 and so cannot be regarded as an essential service under paragraph 15(b).

The situation for Reflexologists is not the same as they are not designated within the meaning of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005.

While the closure of reflexology clinics is, of course, disappointing it is clear that the restrictions are having a very positive effect in combating the spread of COVID-19. It is important to recognise that the restrictions in place are temporary and can only succeed with the support and goodwill of everybody. The Government urges every employer to respect its guidance and to put their employees' and the public's health and safety first at all times."

Aagain, as much as you all want to go back to work, and we understand this, this is not the proper time to do so...not yet...

Social distancing, limiting time spent with client, travel restrictions - this is the law... To protect and for safety... As much I could argue about it, let's face it, WE ARE NOT ESSENTIAL... Therefore we should go along with government guidelines and wait until July/August to re-open.

On the other hand, do you really feel that you could re-open your HOLISTIC PRACTICE now along with very strict measures e.g. MASK, GLOVES, SHEETS, EXTRA PAPERWORK, etc... This just don't make any sense... It might be just better to wait...

Here is a Ministry's reply:

"I refer to your specific question below relating to returning to practice for reflexologists. Current public health advice is that "All non-essential surgery, health procedures and other non-essential health services are postponed" - https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/cf9b0d-new-public-health-measures-effective-now-to-prevent-further-spread-o/#retail-personal-and-commercial-activities

The public health advice continues that everyone is urged to stay at home whenever possible. Staying at home is the best way to minimise the spread of COVID-19 to ourselves, our families and all vulnerable people.

While the Roadmap does not yet provide the specific detail you are seeking, you are reminded that all return to work is based on a risk assessment. The nature of your work can be described as falling under phase 4 (20 July) but some activity may be phase 5 and high risk (10 August). This is because the nature of your work cannot always facilitate social distancing nor limit person to person contact and time spent in contact."

One should not argue with this and by being smart one should to adhere to this. Even that this means few extra weeks until we can lawfully and safely re-open.

I can only imagine that your opinions will be divided, to those in favour and those against.

NRRI think we should consider SAFETY before BUSINESS / HOLISTIC before CLINICAL / REAL before ARTIFICIAL...

We will be better off taming and controlling the virus and not just to let it sleep and hit again.

Summarising, as a professional association, having in mind only the best and safety of our members and the public, we are strongly recommending following all the above guidelines from the Ministry of Health.

Please note that we won't be supporting any actions against current legislation.

Stay Strong! Stay Positive!

Yours always





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