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REFLEXOLOGY for STRESS (2-day Hands-on CPD Course)

Don't Miss the Chance to Train with the Best!

"REFLEXOLOGY for STRESS" is taking place in Loughrea, Co. Galway on 13th+14th May 2023.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from amazing HAGAR BASIS (Reflexology Academy, UK) in Ireland.

Her hands-on practical workshop will teach a specific bi-manual integrated approach to working the reflexes, enhancing your reflexology practice through experiential learning.

More info and bookings: >>HERE>>


NEW CPD Courses Added!

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Welcome to our website
NRRI was established in 1998 as a registered non-profit making professional body to regulate the practice of reflexology in Ireland as a complementary therapy, through qualified registered members and affiliated schools.
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N.R.R.I. Reflexology Network

The Network initiative has evolved as a natural result of NRRI ongoing development. The Network concept is to support the NRRI Research Forum and NRRI CPD Programme by encouraging all active members to share their experience and knowledge for the common good of reflexology in Ireland as well as for their own satisfaction...and...to improve their skills while creating opportunities.

The structure and basic Information :
1. Networking Group(s) - NGs
2. Networking Meeting
3. NG Leader
4. NG Member

Networking Group is an organised group of not less than four members (leader + 3) who meet at regular intervals (minimum every two months, five meetings annually) to develop, support and inspire each other. As its main purpose the NG meets to create opportunities for development of members' knowledge and skills through discussion and swap sessions. This helps the practitioner to maintain standards, on-going development of skills, and a professional image as reflexologist.

Networks are particularly important to recent graduates who may need this additional support as a form of personal mentoring, as well as being a benefit to therapists working alone in their own private practices and sometimes feeling isolated.

Network Groups can sometimes be more effective than individuals in bringing awareness of the benefits of reflexology to the general public by organising talks and demonstrations on reflexology when requested, providing information on the benefits of reflexology to the medical and nursing professions, schools, health centres and other commercial organisations in their respective localities, and linking practitioners, students and teachers of reflexology in a local area to support each other and advance the objectives of the National Register of Reflexologists (Ireland).

Networking Meeting - each meeting must include a theoretical part (‘TOPIC' and ‘PRESENTER') for a minimum of 30 mins and practical part (‘SWAP TREATMENT' - self energising and developing techniques) of about one hour. Moreover, to qualify for CPD credits it must be REPORTED by the NG Leader on the appropriate form (available from the Registry).

The Network Leader is responsible for the Group organisation as well as for communication with NRRI Registry.

Here are some guidelines on how to start a Network Group >>

CPD credits for Reflexology Network are as follows:
1. Setting up and registering a network gives the Leader 30 CPD credits (once off)
2. Organising each network meeting and reporting gives leader Leader 10 CPD credits
3. Topic and Presentation - gives the presenter 20 CPD credits
4. Hosting a meeting - gives the host 10 CPD credits
5. Attending a network meeting - 10 CPD credits per meeting for the first five meetings and 20 credits per meeting thereafter.

(For example : five meetings @ 20 credits = 100 credits : one hosting = 10 credits ; two presentations = 40 credits ; total 150 credits)

The Registry is keeping a record of NRRI registered Network Groups.
If you wish to join a network group the Registry can give you contact details of NGs in your area.
If there is no existing group in your locality and you would like to form a registered NG group please contact the Registry for practical information and tips for starting up.


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