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Are you thinking of training
to become a Professional Reflexologist?

All NRRI Reflexology Schools offer in person comprehensive training in reflexology.

Every school accredited by the NRRI has their own customised methods and specialities, but all adhere to the highest standards of training which are approved by the NRRI.

You can be assured when you train with an NRRI school you are being trained by those who have achieved the highest criteria required to deliver the best possible reflexology course to their students.

By choosing the NRRI you are choosing the very best there is.

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Thursday 4th January 2024!

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NRRI Diploma in Reflexology with Judy Buckley in 2024!

Are you looking to start a career as a REFLEXOLOGIST?
'NRRI Accredited Practitioner's Diploma in Reflexology' with "JUDY BUCKLEY School of Reflexology" will commence in FEBRUARY 2024 in two locations: BUNDORAN, Co. Donegal & ENNISKILLEN, Co. Fermanagh!
Don't Miss the Chance to Train with the Best!
For more info and to enrol please contact JUDY on 087-9956961

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NRRI was established in 1998 as a registered non-profit making professional body to regulate the practice of reflexology in Ireland as a complementary therapy, through qualified registered members and affiliated schools.
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Providers of CPD Courses/Workshops >>click here>>

To comply with current best practice and to afford our members the utmost credibility of professional status, the NRRI has implemented an optional system of CPD - Continuous Professional Development - for our paid-up members.

Registration of membership entitles a member to Full NRRI Membership, renewable in a year's time with the option of maintaining Full Membership or adopting Associate Membership.

Full Membership: this option is open to all members and would be essential for a therapist intending to practise professionally. Full Members are accredited by LAYA Healthcare, AVIVA Health and VHI Healthcare for reflexology and are listed on our website for referrals, free of charge. Full insurance cover is obligatory. Annual fee: €140.

To maintain Full Membership members are required to renew their annual membership as usual with an accumulation of 200 CPD credits biennialy of which a minimum of 100 credits must relate to reflexology.

Before undertaking a course for credits, one would be well advised to ascertain that the Credit rating has been agreed with the NRRI. Details of some CPD courses are available on our website. Here are some guidelines about CPD Credits Rating and First Aid Training CPD Credit Rating

CPD Forms are issued with renewals and new registrations to enable members to keep validated records of their credits, to be submitted with their renewals; further forms are available on request only.

Associate Membership: this option is suitable for a person who simply wishes to practise on family and friends in non-professional capacity, or for a member who simply wants to ‘keep in touch' with the complementary sector. An associate member receives the quarterly journal. CPD credits are not required and insurance is discretionary. Annual fee: €50.

Please contact the registry office (086-8159855) with any queries relating to CPD. 

Reviewed, January 2019


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