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"KERRY NETWORKING GROUP" is looking for new members!
They are meeting in O'Brennan's NS, just outside Tralee (V92AE73).


Don't Miss the Chance to Train with the Best!

Fascinating post-graduate reflexology workshop "CORONAL ZONE REFLEX THERAPY" with extraordinary Lee Anthony Taylor (UK) is taking place on Friday 7th + Sunday 8th JUNE 2024 in The Health Hub, Loughrea, Co. Galway.

Places are strictly limited!

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Are you thinking of training
to become a Professional Reflexologist?

All NRRI Reflexology Schools offer in person comprehensive training in reflexology.

Every school accredited by the NRRI has their own customised methods and specialities, but all adhere to the highest standards of training which are approved by the NRRI.

You can be assured when you train with an NRRI school you are being trained by those who have achieved the highest criteria required to deliver the best possible reflexology course to their students.

By choosing the NRRI you are choosing the very best there is.

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NRRI was established in 1998 as a registered non-profit making professional body to regulate the practice of reflexology in Ireland as a complementary therapy, through qualified registered members and affiliated schools.
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Indian Head Massage (2days) (Loughrea, Co. Galway)

Indian Head Massage (2days)
(50 NRRI CPD credits)

Date: Sat 23rd +Sun 24th March, 2024
Venue: The Health Hub, Loughrea, Co. Galway (parking available) www.thehealthhubloughrea.ie
Time: 10am-4pm
Cost: €250 (€100 deposit can be paid online >>here>> )
Contact: Maureen Fynes
Telephone: 086-6069179
E-mail: [email protected]

Details & More info: >>HERE>>


MF Wellness School of Reflexology

Indian Head Massage can help with all the following and so much more!
Physically, it helps all the systems of the body - the immune nervous, respiratory, endocrine, circulation, muscular, skeletal and lymphatic. Mentally, it helps the mind to relax, transmitting a life-giving energy that assists all systems of the body to restore and renew themselves.

Hair growth - Literally, it can make your hair grow faster. Not only that, but it will promote healthier and better-looking hair also.
Helps prevent migraines, headaches and back pain - Tension in the upper back, neck and head very often leads to headaches. If this is a continual, unrelenting tension it can even lead to depression. An Indian head massage will start with the upper back, arms and shoulders helping to relax your knots and relieve tension. It will then progress to the head and neck encouraging better cerebral fluid circulation.
Detoxifies the body - The Indian head massage will improve lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck which helps the body to get rid of waste products.
Relieves anxiety - Massaging the head increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain and is one of the best ways to get rid of anxiety. All that oxygen makes you feel great! Just like exercise does.
Increases Energy - It's all about bringing everything back to balance. Working on the chakras during an Indian head massage goes beyond healing and restores balance to the body's energies.
Boosts memory - Having an Indian head massage is like pressing the reset button. During the massage everything slows down, tension is dissipated and your thoughts quieten right down, allowing the brain to ‘charge'.
Helps with sleeping problems - Sleeping poorly is often a side-effect of stress, therefore relieving stress and tension will allow your body to properly relax and rest.

Course facilitator and tutor:

Maureen Fynes MNRRI
Maureen is the principal of MF Wellness School of Reflexology. She has been practicing reflexology for over a decade and teaches the NRRI accredited Diploma in Reflexology and well as a number of postgraduate trainings, including, hand reflexology, child and baby reflexology, reflexology for cancer care, and reflexology for fertility, maternity and menopause reflexology. She is based in Loughrea Co Galway.


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