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"KERRY NETWORKING GROUP" is looking for new members!
They are meeting in O'Brennan's NS, just outside Tralee (V92AE73).


Don't Miss the Chance to Train with the Best!

Fascinating post-graduate reflexology workshop "CORONAL ZONE REFLEX THERAPY" with extraordinary Lee Anthony Taylor (UK) is taking place on Friday 7th + Sunday 8th JUNE 2024 in The Health Hub, Loughrea, Co. Galway.

Places are strictly limited!

More information and bookings >>here>>



Are you thinking of training
to become a Professional Reflexologist?

All NRRI Reflexology Schools offer in person comprehensive training in reflexology.

Every school accredited by the NRRI has their own customised methods and specialities, but all adhere to the highest standards of training which are approved by the NRRI.

You can be assured when you train with an NRRI school you are being trained by those who have achieved the highest criteria required to deliver the best possible reflexology course to their students.

By choosing the NRRI you are choosing the very best there is.

Our Accredited Schools
are Enrolling Now

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NRRI was established in 1998 as a registered non-profit making professional body to regulate the practice of reflexology in Ireland as a complementary therapy, through qualified registered members and affiliated schools.
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Criteria regarding eligibility for NRRI  Membership

(This document annuls all previous documents relating to criteria for NRRI membership)

The National Register of Reflexologists (Ireland) Ltd. is an autonomous institution and applications for membership can be declined or accepted without explanation at the discretion of the Registrar and Advisory Council.

General guidelines for eligibility:

1. Graduates awarded diplomas by NRRI Accredited School are fully eligible.

2. Applicants awarded diplomas by NRRI Accredited Schools prior to September 2010 are eligible.

3. Graduates with ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology (QQI Level 5 / FETAC Level 6), VTCT and CIBTAC are eligible for membership provided their Diploma Course meets our miminum criteria of 150 tutoring hours and completed 40 case studies.

4. Applicants who hold other Diploma in Reflexology than mentioned above, but who have been in professional practice for a minimum of three years may be admitted on the basis that their Diploma Course meets our miminum criteria (150 tutoring hours and completed 40 case studies) and proof that they have been in continuous practice for a minimum of 3 years (e.g. professional insurance certs.)

 5. Applicants who hold Diplomas in Reflexology, but have no professional practice experience may be admitted after completing a Refresher Course with one of the NRRI Accredited Schools.

6. Discretionary admissions and refusals do not imply accreditation, approval or disapproval of any school or examining body, and do not constitute any precedent.

7. Full membership is available to registered members who are engaged in professional practice, who have provided evidence of current professional insurance, and who engage in the NRRI programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) >>here>>.

8. Full Membership confers accreditation by private health insurance providers (VHI, Irish Life, GLO and LAYA) and a free listing on the NRRI website for referrals.

9. Associate membership is available to registered members who do not wish to engage in full time professional practice but who like to keep in touch and have an interest in the development of reflexology. Personal insurance and the NRRI programme of continuous professional development are optional.

10. Student membership is reserved to all students studying the Diploma in Reflexology with NRRI Accredited School.


Current Fees:

Full Membership: €100 (NRRI Graduates) or €160 (Non-NRRI Graduates)
Associate Membership:: €50 (NRRI Graduates) or €80 (Non-NRRI Graduates)
Full Membership €140 p.a
Associate Membership €50 p.a.

Re-registration: Members are notified one month in advance when membership renewals are due. In cases where a membership has lapsed for more than 3 months an administration fee of €20 will apply.

Revised, March 2023.





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