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'NRRI Accredited Practitioner's Diploma in Reflexology' with "JUDY BUCKLEY School of Reflexology" will commence in FEBRUARY 2024 in two locations: BUNDORAN, Co. Donegal & ENNISKILLEN, Co. Fermanagh!
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NRRI was established in 1998 as a registered non-profit making professional body to regulate the practice of reflexology in Ireland as a complementary therapy, through qualified registered members and affiliated schools.
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With Thanks to Lynne Booth who discovered this amazing advanced technique, Reflexology can yield quicker results in the more powerful upright position. She carried out a monitored medical trial in St. Monica's Nursing Home, Bristol on elderly patients with very successful results.
VRT through the inspiration of Lynne BOOTH was the legacy this wonderful elderly home gave to Reflexology, as if it weren't for them, VRT would not have been discovered. Britta learnt this technique from Lynne and with lots of positive feedback from her clients and decided to invite Lynne to teach in Ireland in 1999. Britta continues to study VRT to further levels of ‘'VRT Hand and Nail working'' under Lynne Booth and in 2001 was appointed VRT Tutor for throughout Ireland. She has been teaching it to Reflexologists ever since.

This Basic VRT Workshop, for qualified reflexologists, will cover the background to the discovery and development of Vertical Reflex Therapy and Synergistic Reflexology. The successful medical trial which was carried out in Bristol on VRT. Its role as a new technique for treating orthopaedic and other conditions while feet are weight bearing will be examined and demonstrated as well as its benefits in enhancing conventional reflexology treatments. There is an Advanced VRT Workshop, for reflexologists who have attended a Basic VRT course, and will cover a variety of new techniques and updates on the further development of Vertical Reflex Therapy and Synergistic Reflexology.

The following techniques will be introduced or developed further:
• VRT and stimulation of the neural pathways using a "Knuckle-Dusting" technique.
• Zonal Triggers - powerful triple reflex techniques on feet and hands. New ways of
increasing a powerful response using Synergistic Reflexology.
• Combined Diaphragm Rocking and Lymphatic stimulation (Dirkx method).
• Metatarsal Pressure - unique method of combining VRT and the brief working of the
plantar. Weight-bearing pressure is exercised by using the ball of the foot.
• Hand Reflexology in weight-bearing position. Method plus self-help.
• Review and update of basic VRT treatment.
• Specific mini-treatment practice i.e. asthma, irritable bowel etc.
• Question and answer discussion based on practitioners' experiences with VRT.

Lynne Booths work is developing yet more levels in this new dimension work of Vertical Reflexology Therapy which can be worked in a reclining position as well as on a client in a vertical position. So kneeling for a few minutes is not the only way to practice VRT. It is simply amazing the way her world renowned work is helping people from all over the world with this dynamic set of techniques which have provided deeper access to reflex points to yield more effective and significant results.

Her detailed A4 and A3 Reflexology Charts and latest Books on Hand or Foot VRT are available for sale.

For further information or booking click on courses on www.aromaflex.info

Britta Stewart Dolan, MNRRI


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